Geochemical Data

Up to 149 ppm Li in samples

Geophysics Data

Drone Survey in May & Magneto Telluric in August

Drill Program

Permits applied for and drilling to commence April 2024.

Excellent Access

Interstate Highway and Railway on or beside the property

Claim For 100%

Exclusive acquisition rights on ~5,200ac

Large Basin

Analogous Geology to Clayton Valley

Supporting Exploration

AZL conducted exploration and identified drilling targets immediately north and Lightning Dock Geothermal to south

Room to Expand

Minimal Lithium Exploration

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Geochemical Data

Sampling Program completed in Q1 2023

  • Identified 143 surface samples, averaging 113.8ppm Li with a maximum of 149.5ppm Li
    • 2nd highest sample in New Mexico and highly anomalous compared to regional data
    • Historical NURE sample of 124ppm in stream
  • Additional pathfinder elements identified

Nearby Exploration

AZL, ACDC, and Lighting Dock Exploration

  • Arizona Lithium completed an MT and Gravity geophysical program in 2022 and identified conductive aquifers for drilling 3 potential locations
  • Lightning Dock Geothermal was started in 2013 with a 15.3MW plant. Significant drilling, geology, and exploration work was conducted
  • ACDC Copper porphyry copper lease to the SW of the property and has completed, and reported, significant MT and other geophysical data for the area

Large Closed Basin

Excellent Geology

  • 3 sources of Li identified including volcanic (~35Ma), intrusive formations and pegmatite, geothermal ground system (same as Lightning Dock, ~6mi south)
  • Regional faulting structures, known geothermal hydrology, closed basin in an arid environment support concentration of lithium at depth
  • Analogous to Clayton Valley


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  • Host to the only commercially producing lithium project in North America, started in 1966,
  • Lithium concentrations in the brines in Clayton Valley have been relatively consistent in the 150 -200 ppm (mg/litre) in recent history.
  • Similar concentrations in surface samples to Alkali Flat
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  • The Alkali Flat playa is understood to be a fault bounded, large closed basin, ~315km2
  • This basin has not yet been drilled for brines, Q3 2023 MT program to identify locations
  • Playa basin includes the large Lightning Dock Geothermal Power Plant
  • Similar in size (full playa), but significantly more mature lithium source (~35Ma vs ~5-17 Ma)
  • Geochem Results from Q1 2023 sampling program (also showing Q3 geophysics program)
  • Area Geology, showing extent of playa infill along with Q3 2023 MT program
  • Surface concentrations are relatively analogous to the surface concentrations for the deposits at Clayton Valley.
  • Alkali Flat source rocks are significantly older than geologically similar Clayton Valley (~35Ma vs ~15Ma).
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  • Geophysics results from Q3 2023 successful magneto-telluric program. Built on May 2023 Drone program and AZL MT 2022 program.
  • Well-defined highly conductive subsurface targets.
  • Regulatory applications submitted for the April 2024 drilling program.
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New Frontiers in Lithium Exploration

Placer Mineral Claims & Significant Growth Potential

  • 260 BLM Placer Mineral Claims, renewed through August 2024
  • Immediately adjacent to USA I-10 Highway and Railroad
  • Significant room to expand claim area

Renewable Energy Opportunities

Abundant Clean Energy Sources

  • Investigating ability to develop solar power plant for DLE and Brine production
  • Geothermal power is ~8mi south at Lightning Dock
  • Top 3 solar and wind opportunities in state of New Mexico

Infrastructure Access

Excellent Geology

  • I-10 interstate highway runs through the south end of the Project
  • Rail line in close proximity to Akali Flat




Catley Lake & Centennial East


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